Product News & More

Product News & More

Welcome new subscribers!

We’re so excited to see more of you following PackFixed in our various channels. We’re most active over at LinkedIn, but you can also find us on Instagram and of course right here in the blog.

If you haven’t already explored our services, click here to register a free account and get used to full transparency in price, lead times, minimum order quantities, and more.

We've added a number of new and exciting products as of late. Among other things, you can now find more refillable options, more products made of recycled plastics, as well as more recyclable products. You can see them all here.

A one time offer

While we have long experience in the industry, PackFixed is still in its first few months in business. And because of this, we have a special offer right now:

We'll find you better packaging – for free.

Yes, that’s correct - we're giving away our time for no cost at all. Allow us to analyse your current packaging situation and come with suggestions for better and/or more cost-effective solutions.

No strings attached and zero risk on your end.

Reply to this email if you’re interested and we’ll set up a quick digital meeting to learn more about your current packaging, and/or your future needs. It'll be worth your time, we promise.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful spring season and we’ll be in touch soon again!

Spring greetings from Stockholm,
Team PackFixed – Your New Packaging Marketplace