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Cosmetic Packaging

PackFixed offers cosmetic and fragrance packaging for brands across Europe. Here, you'll find more information on some of the packaging products and categories we cater for.

When it comes to cosmetics, packaging is an essential part of the product. It not only protects the content but also plays a crucial role in branding, marketing, and consumer experience.

Cosmetic Packaging Categories

Cosmetics product packaging can be classified into three categories: primary, secondary, and outer packaging.

Primary cosmetic packaging is the packaging that comes into direct contact with the product, such as bottles, jars, and tubes. Secondary packaging is used to protect and group primary packaging, such as boxes and shrink wrap. Outer packaging, also known as last-mile packaging, is the packaging used for shipping and storage.

At PackFixed, our focus lies on primary cosmetic packaging containers.

cosmetic packaging, packaging containers for cosmetics

Packaging containers at PackFixed

Skincare Packaging

Skincare packaging products require special packaging to maintain their effectiveness and quality. Our selection of cosmetic bottles and jars made from glass and plastic materials will keep your skincare products safe and secure. Glass packaging offers a luxurious look and feel, and is ideal for preserving natural ingredients. Plastic packaging is lightweight and shatterproof, making it a great and durable option for skincare. Browse our range of skincare packaging to find the perfect fit for your products.

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Hair Care Packaging

Our range of hair care packaging is designed to protect your products and make them easy to use. Whether you need bottles for shampoo and conditioner, or jars for hair masks and styling products, we have a variety of options to choose from. Our plastic packaging is durable and easy to clean, while our glass packaging provides an upscale look and feel. Explore our selection of hair care packaging to find the perfect solution for your brand.

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Body Care Packaging

From lotions and body wash to scrubs and oils, our body care packaging is perfect for any type of product. Our plastic bottles and jars are available in a range of sizes and shapes, and are designed to be easy to use and transport. If you're looking for something more luxurious, our glass packaging offers a premium look and feel that will make your products stand out.

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Perfume Packaging

Perfumes require special packaging to protect their delicate scent and ingredients. Our selection of glass bottles and jars are perfect for fragrances of all types. We also offer a variety of caps and closures to add the finishing touch to your packaging. Explore our selection of perfume packaging to find the perfect fit for your fragrance.

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Fragrance Packaging

Whether you're packaging candles, room sprays, or diffusers, our range of fragrance packaging has you covered. Our glass jars and bottles are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be customized with your branding. We also offer plastic packaging options for those who need something more lightweight and durable.

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Makeup Packaging

Makeup packaging requires both functionality and style. Our selection of plastic and glass jars and bottles are perfect for a range of makeup products. Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern design or something more classic and elegant, our makeup packaging has something for everyone.

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Cosmetic Packaging For Whom?

PackFixed packaging is catered for brands of all sizes who are looking for perfume packaging or cosmetic packaging. We have fragrance and cosmetic packaging containers in glass and in plastic, in various shapes and sizes. Below are the main categories of containers we carry.

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Cosmetic Bottles

Cosmetics bottles are a popular packaging option for a wide range of products, including lotions, serums, and shampoos. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, including glass and plastic. Bottles can also have various closures such as pumps, sprays, or droppers.

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Cosmetic Jars

Cosmetics jars are an excellent option for thick or creamy products such as moisturizers, lip balms, or face masks. They come in various sizes and materials, including glass and plastic. Jars can also have various closures such as screw caps or flip-top lids.

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Cosmetic Tubes

Cosmetics tubes are a popular option for products such as hand creams, toothpaste, and sunscreens. They come in various sizes and materials, including plastic and metal. Tubes can also have various closures such as flip-top caps or screw caps. At this time, we do not offer tubes at PackFixed.

Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetics boxes are often used as secondary packaging and are designed to protect the primary packaging during shipping and storage. They come in various sizes and materials, including paperboard and cardboard. Boxes can also be customized with various printing techniques to create a unique brand identity. At this time, we only offer primary packaging at PackFixed.

Cosmetic Packaging Materials

The choice of packaging material is an important consideration for cosmetics manufacturers. It should be safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. The most common materials used for cosmetics packaging are glass, plastic, and metal.

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Glass Cosmetics Packaging

Glass is a popular choice for cosmetics packaging because it is recyclable, inert, and provides a premium look and feel. Common glass packaging options include bottles and jars.

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Metal Cosmetics Packaging

Metal is a durable and premium material used for cosmetics packaging, such as jars, cans, and aerosol cans. It is infinitely recyclable and has a low environmental impact.

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Plastic Cosmetics Packaging

Plastic is a versatile material that offers many benefits for cosmetics packaging, such as durability, lightweight, and flexibility. There are three main types of plastic used in cosmetics packaging: PET, HDPE, and LDPE.

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PET Cosmetics Packaging

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a clear, lightweight, and strong plastic commonly used for bottles, jars, and tubes. It is widely recycled and has a low environmental impact.

HDPE Cosmetics Packaging

HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a durable and versatile plastic used for a variety of cosmetics packaging applications, such as bottles, jars, and caps. It is widely recycled and has a low environmental impact.

LDPE Cosmetics Packaging

LDPE (low-density polyethylene) is a lightweight and flexible plastic used for cosmetics packaging applications such as squeeze tubes and bags. It is less commonly recycled than PET and HDPE but can still be recycled in some areas.

Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetic industry is making a conscious effort towards sustainability, and the packaging industry is no different. Sustainable packaging aims to minimize the environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint of packaging materials.

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Recycled Cosmetics Packaging

Recycling is the process of converting waste into reusable materials, reducing the need for new materials. Recycled plastic, metal, and glass can be used to make cosmetic packaging. This not only saves resources but also reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Recycled materials also require less energy to produce, which reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging.

Refillable Cosmetics Packaging

Refillable packaging is an effective way to reduce waste in the cosmetics industry. Refillable packaging allows customers to purchase only the product, instead of buying new packaging every time. This reduces the number of containers that end up in landfills. Refillable packaging also encourages customers to reuse the packaging, which is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Lightweight Cosmetics Packaging

Lightweight packaging materials such as bioplastics, cardboard, and recycled paper are used to minimize the amount of material used in packaging. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint and cost of packaging.

Short Transportations for Cosmetics Packaging

PackFixed offers short transportation routes for cosmetics packaging, ensuring that your packaging arrives quickly and efficiently. Our packaging solutions are designed to be environmentally friendly, and we strive to minimize our carbon footprint.

Our Cosmetic Packaging

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